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Wowsan is a blog on Korean art,design, & lifestyle founded by Satu and Monika.

Please tell us a little about yourselves.

WOWSAN is currently two girls: Satu & Monika. Monika is a designer and Satu is a photographer. We both have been living in Korea, working, studying and traveling. Currently we are living in Helsinki.

How did Wowsan start, where did the idea come from?

We used to live in different cities and wanted to work on something together. That’s how the idea of collaborative blog came up. For nearly two years we had a photo blog called “We <3 this". At some point that blog stopped being as much fun as it used to be but we wanted to continue working on something together. As Korean contemporary culture is something that interests us both we decided to have a blog where we would write about things we love about Korea.

You must really like Korean art and culture. Can you share some of your favorite things?

Monika: I really like when artists bring traditional elements to modern world. Recently, I have been quite much into hanok’s and dreaming about living in one.

Satu: I have loved old soul and disco music for a long time and finding the Korean soul/disco/boogie scene from 70′s and 80′s has been amazing. I never imagined such thing even existed. My favorites are Kim Jung Mi, San Ul Lim, Kim Trio and Hee Sisters.

What qualities do you look for when searching for Wowsan content? Is it difficult to find things when you’re not in Korea?

It is somehow more difficult to find things while not being in Korea as the only source of our content is the Internet. Also being in Korea would allow us to have more interviews and own coverages from different events. Since we created Wowsan back in January 2011 we haven’t been in Korea. This year we both will be there and it’s gonna be interesting to see how it’s going to affect Wowsan.

Besides blogging, what other things are you interested in? I get the sense that you’re artists or designers with great taste in everything.

Monika: I’m interested in different types of design especially digital design. I love traveling and discovering new places and cultures. When I want to switch off my mind from everything I sew.

Satu: I’m interested in film photography, books and zines, I love being at home and bake but I never get sick of traveling.

What is your dream job?

Monika: I do like quite much what I do right now but I wouldn’t mind doing WOWSAN full time either.

Satu: Something where I would be able to be creative and not have strict office hours. I dream about a job that wouldn’t feel like work.

You have a feature on your blog called “Haru Haru” where you ask insightful questions about daily life to a photographer. Now it’s your turn to answer one! So, whats your favorite moment of the day?

Monika: Morning. Even if it is difficult to wake up, starting a new day is exciting. You don’t know what it will bring and it’s yours to make.

Satu: My favorite part of the day is when I’m finished with work and have all evening for myself or meeting friends.

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