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our approach.

At The Design Surgery, we pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of visual communication, brand awareness and graphic design. We examine the boundaries of our clients requirements, revealing a brand's purpose and personality. By identifying the role in which a design should play, we are able to grasp an accurate understanding of the links between business, brand and consumer. Design can have a profound effect on how we feel both mentally and physically. By tapping into the psychological responses to visual communication, we are able to reach your clients at an unconscious level, creating a strong relationship between your brand and your client.

who we are.

We are a creative agency that thrives on contemporary design. We are graphical surgeons, passionate problem solvers, emotionally and ethically driven.

We are a small, modest agency, who understand the importance of client relations. We believe that by having a small and dedicated team we are able to give far greater attention to our clients, creating strong, long lasting relationships. By always going that step further and giving great customer service, we guarantee many added benefits that you so rarely enjoy with larger organisations.

what we can do for you.

As your creative agency we are here to improve your image and empower your business to connect with your customers. We are here to give you presence in the world, amplifying your message and strengthen your position within your market. By raising your company's profile through multilateral thinking and seductive design, we endeavor to increase sales and raise awareness, setting you apart from your competitors.