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the aesthetic of the end (1966)

(Oct. 2008 post): I finally located my scans of work by Tadanori Yokoo, which I made a couple years ago before abandoning to ebay my cd reissue of "Opera from the Works of Tadanori Yokoo by Toshi Ichiyanagi" (obviously, I should have kept it). Though scanned from postcards included in the boxset, these 24 images were originally posters.

Bio found online: "Perhaps best known for his '70s album covers for Miles Davis, Santana, the Beatles, etc., Tadanori Yokoo is arguably the most influential Japanese graphic designer of the Twentieth Century. He is also a well known artist, photographer, and designer of installations." Happily for me, literary figures frequently appear in his work.

Putting this post together is going to destroy my own wallet, because I now realize I must buy every tattered remnant of his work I can find. But first on my list: this book. (Also, google image search shows that there is a lot already on the web.)

From a review (also on Mutant Sounds) of the cd reissue:

"Housed in lavishly designed 2LP foldout jacket, this gorgeous disc is one of the rarest and most sought after Japanese psychedelic, avant-garde artifacts, a real art object art, revitalizing one of Japan's best ever psychedelic avant-garde head-on collisions. Released in 1969 on the private End Records and now one of Japan's most sought after vinyl artifacts, 'Opera from the Works of Tadanori Yokoo by Toshi Ichiyanagi' is a brain ripper and an eye popper of a disc. Visually it is without a single doubt one of the most beautiful LPs ever to be released, a 2 LP picture disc decorated lavishly by Tadanori Yokoo's Fluxus inspired psychedelic artwork. Upon folding open the disc, you get treated to a 4 paged inner booklet of 24 carefully designed postcards depicting posters done by Tadanori up until 1969 for various theatre troupes such as Terayama Shuji's Tenjosajiki. In short it is a visual delight that will cause temporary dysfunctional catharsis on the eyes."

the dream merchant fairies (1965)

16th exhibition of japan advertising artist club (1968)

a ballad dedicated to the small finger cutting ceremony

tadanori yokoo 1965 silkscreen

koshimaki-osen (1966)

recruiting member for tenjo sajiki (1967)

the wonders of life on earth

New York (1968)

Sol Blackee (1969)

Yakuza Movies (1968)

exhibition of art by henry miller, 1968

yuhi shosetsu (1968)

america - second view (1968)

IDEA (1969)

photo exhibition of eikoh hosoe - tatsumi hijikata

the hunchback of aomori prefecture (1967)

marie in furs (1968)

debuko oyama's crime (1968)

sleep, crime and falling (1965)

a la maison de m.civecawa (1965)

john silver - second view (1968)

john silver (1967)

The Trip (1968)