TRI▲NGLE by Onur Senturk (motion graphic)

2011. 12. 5. 23:51Shared Fantasy/Culture



Client: 00

Role: Art Direction, Design, Animation, Compositing

Date: June 2010

Format: Short Film 1280×720 HD

Sound: Combustion

TRIANGLE is a video work done for the book ‘Black Material’ which showcases Robert Knoke’s artwork.

Curator Jens Karlson asked me to make a short animation and get Robert Knoke’s black and white artwork as base for video. I chosed to create tense harmony between geometrical forms and organic movements. Combustion helped me to expand possibilites of Black material with his strong music and sound design.

Thanks to Renascent, Combustion, Jens Karlson, Firat Parlak, Ipek Torun, Mert Kizilay, Omer Kasımoglu.


-Vimeo Festival Best Motion Graphics

-Vimeo Community Choice Best Motion Graphics

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